About Us

Jerusalem Computers is a unique computer lab located conveniently in the center of Jerusalem, providing award winning customer service and technical expertise to Jerusalem’s Mac and PC users. We are proud to say that our name spread far beyond Jerusalem’s limits, and our customers make the effort and come to have their computers repaired and upgraded from all over Israel,

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Macintosh Repairs

Finally, a place to repair your Mac in Jerusalem! Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t opened an Apple Store in Jerusalem, or even in Israel, so you need to find someone you can trust with your Mac.

For the past several years, Jerusalem Computers became well known all across Israel for it’s high expertise in Mac repairs, and thousands of customers from all over Israel will vouch for that – even the official AppleCare staff who keeps referring people to us.

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Why Choose Us

There is no shortage of computer labs in Jerusalem. In order to stick out, one needs to truly excel in its niche, and we do so by providing customer service that goes far and beyond what ‘Jerusalemites’ might expect from a computer lab.

We rely on word of mouth as our marketing strategy, and satisfied customers are our best salespersons. Besides our obsession with the physical safety of your computer and the speed of our repairs, a few other factors distinguish us from the rest…

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