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Meet The Team

We know that leaving your computer to a complete stranger is not an easy thing to do. But hey, you know what they say.. strangers are friends you haven’t met yet. So we’d like to introduce ourselves to you! Meet the team of Jerusalem Computers:

Yehonatan Macarov

Yehonatan Macarov – Owner, General Manager

Yehonatan was born in Jerusalem to an American family (from Atlanta, y’all!), and lived there until he was 15 years old. He then moved to India, elected to represent Israel in the United World Colleges movement. After living for two years in Pune (about 140km from Mumbai) and having graduated with an International Baccalaureate, he moved to the Netherlands, where he studied for four years at the University College of Utrecht. He then moved to Monterey, California, where he completed his Masters degree in International Management of Nonprofit Organisations. He had since been working with several international organisations, among them the American Red Cross, Amnesty International and War Child Holland. Today, he lives in Abu Tor. A natural born computer nerd, Yehonatan gradually became well known in Jerusalem for his computer skills and customer service, and as a result Jerusalem Computers was born.

Moran Ella

Moran Ella – Store Manager

Moran is the “Mother” of Jerusalem Computers, and more officially, our Store Manager. Her kindness, professionalism and love for organization and customer service made her a real mother to all aspects of the shop – working with the clients on identifying their computer’s problems, making sure they are always on top of their computers’ state, making follow up phone calls and assuring that everyone are as happy as possible, be it the customer, the technician, the accountant and even the delivery guy. She is 27 years old, born in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and currently studying Human Resource Management, alongside her day job. If you need anything done, talk to Moran. She’ll make it happen.

Boaz Kallenberg

Boaz Kallenberg – Owner, Head Technician

Boaz is 31 years old and unfortunately, was not born in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He is from Tiv’on in the north of Israel, and moved to Jerusalem along with his girlfriend in 2013. He then moved to Tel Aviv in 2016. Boaz studied computers professionally for several years, and computer networking in particular. He holds a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist degree, and a Certified Network Administration Degree. He is truly a brilliant computer technician, who will be more than happy to help you diagnose and repair your computer in no time. He currently also teaches the Computer Technician course at the John Brice Institute in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He is a big time football fan – so try not to have your computer break down during the World Cup.

Raanan Macarov

Raanan Macarov – The Man

Raanan is Yehonatan’s father – aside from that he’s also one of Israel’s best tour guides for over 35 years now, and one of the Chief Examiners of the Israel Ministry of Tourism. He is a complete cycling addict, starting most of his free days with a 30-40 km bike ride around Jerusalem. His position at Jerusalem Computers can best be described as “The Man”. If anything needs to be done urgently, be it a trip to the computer supplier, a drop off at a customer’s house, an electronics emergency repair or a leaking tap – he’s the man. It’s his customer service skills that taught Yehonatan how to treat his clients, and watching the two work together is described by some as quite the experience, as the two share amazing similarities of character.