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About the Checkup

The checkup is the mandatory procedure for every broken or malfunctioning device which gets to our lab. Checkup times and costs vary, but usually average at 200 nis, and up to three working days (although usually we get it done in two days)

Well-performed checkup is the halfway to the successful repair and approximately half the labour.

Why do I need to pay for a checkup? I know what the problem is! it’s slow!

Checkup is half of the repair!

If the case is self-evident (i. e. the screen is cracked, or the disc sounds like a small chainsaw), we will give you a cost estimate as soon as you walk in. However, we still need to check the computer to make sure we are fixing the problem, and not just the symptom. It’s both in your and our interest to make sure you get a computer that works great, and that you wont have to invest any more money into it than is sensible. A small cost to pay for a great working machine, and more importantly, peace of mind.

What is included in the checkup?

Each and every Mac we receive gets the complete checkup. A process which checks each and every component on your computer, both hardware and software. It’s essential both for us and for you that you get a complete detailed overview of your computer before you make any decisions regarding your Mac.

Software checkup:

  • Kernel and Console Error checks
  • OS self-diagnosis utility run
  • Peripherals check
  • I/O devices software check
  • Battery status check
  • Wireless interfaces check
  • Update and Upgrade possibilities

Hardware checkup:

  • Logicboard visual check
  • Hardrive Surface and SMART checks
  • SSD and HDD Performance tests
  • CPU and GPU Temperatures check
  • GPU performance check
  • Internal corrosion check
  • CPU Fan and the heatsink visual check
  • Hinges / other movable parts visual check
  • I/O devices check

The full procedure may vary due to the computer qualities and the type of damage suffered. We promise the checkup will not take more than 3 days (unless it’s a rare problematic case), but usually we’ll get back to you within two days only.