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MacBook Repair Center in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

MacBook repair and upgrade made easy
  • Thousands of MacBooks repaired in our Jerusalem and Tel Aviv labs since 2012
  • MacBook LCD, keyboard and battery replacements served from the local stock
  • Our usual warranty for the MacBook repair – one year
  • MacBook upgrade options: RAM and SSD disk upgrades
  • Have your MacBook repaired by the most well-known lab in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

We service almost all MacBook models including the most recent ones. While official labs in Israel take up to two weeks for the checkup results, we commit to a three-four days checkup time, even though the average repair timeframe is just two days! All common repairs including LCD screens, keyboards or battery replacement for all the recent MacBooks are served with locally stocked parts, all genuine and with warranty.

Take a look at the list of services we offer for each MacBook family



MacBook 12″ (Retina A1534)
MacBook 13″ (Rubber A1342)
MacBook 13″ (Unibody A1278)

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 13″ (A1278)
MacBook Pro 15″ (A1286)
MacBook Pro 17″ (A1297)

MacBook Pro Retina

MacBook Pro Retina

MacBook Pro Retina 13″ (A1425)
MacBook Pro Retina 13″ (A1502)
MacBook Pro Retina 15″ (A1398)

MacBook Air

MacBook Air

MacBook Air 11″ (A1370, A1465)
MacBook Air 13″ (A1369, A1466)

Steps we take together to repair your Mac
When you call or visit our lab, an English speaking customer service representative will give you the price and timeframe estimation for your Mac. It is worth knowing that what needs to be repaired is not always visible (it may not even be possible to say anything in advance in case of liquid spillage, for example) therefore, the checkup is always needed, even when both you and us think we know what the problem is.
Checkup costs vary, but are usually around 200nis only. The checkup procedure may be very different regarding the timespan and labour, but we’re trying to make it as quick as possible. If you want to know what's included in the checkup process, please click here
After the checkup has been made we inform you of the price and all the possible options. You make the decision, and we perform the repair. The timeframe for the repair depends on many factors, the main of which is parts availability. If you don't have time to lose, we can offer a spare MacBook for rent.
We will contact you, usually by SMS, when your Mac ready for pickup. The service fee is paid only upon finishing the repair and after your inspection. Usually, the warranty is six months or one year, with the possibility to extend it up to two years.

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Or visit us: we’re open Sunday through Friday on Joseph Trumpeldor 1, Jerusalem | Barzilai 4, Tel Aviv

Not all treasure is silver and gold mate! I found this repair shop while I was on pilgrimage, and it’s a true miracle what they have done with my old Mac!

Jack Sparrow

Ship captain, Self-employed

Personally, I like to keep it all white! My current Mac is the last one Apple made in the pure white colour: the old A1342 with a rubber bottom. It was about to bite the dust, but with the help of Jerusalem Computers I will not have to seek a new laptop for at least a few more years!

Pope Francis

Bishop of Rome, Roman Catholic Church