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Mac Pickup and Drop Off Service in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Jerusalem Computers is happy to announce a Mac Repair Pickup and Drop Off service! (Currently, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Only)

It’s cold outside, and it’s raining (if you’re in Jerusalem) or it is hot and humid (if you’re in Tel Aviv). You’re super busy today, and on top of that your Mac is acting up. Why not use our pickup service?

We’re currently serving all areas of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, including the outskirts. For a symbolic fee (50nis!) our very own delivery person will come to your home, examine the computer with you for physical damages, fill in the forms (including our Laptop-Transport insurance form), and have the computer in our lab in no time. Our delivery guy will only come to you after your computer was checked in to our system, so we already know exactly what the problem is once he is there to pick it up.

The transportation itself is done using a special foam carrier bag, and only after leaving you with all the copies of the necessary guarantees and assurances that your computer will land happily in our lab. Needless to say, the service is also available as a return delivery once the computer has been fixed.

The service is available daily during working hours. Please call us in order to schedule a pickup: 02-5869571 / 03-9393900