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Jerusalem Computers – the official Other World Computing (OWC) Reseller in Israel

OWC (Other World Computing) is the leading 3rd party manufacturer of RAM, SSD, docks and accessories for Apple Macintosh Computers. Jerusalem Computers is proud to be the official reseller of OWC in Israel. As an OWC reseller, Jerusalem Computers maintains a stock of OWC’s most popular products, as well as providing installation, checkup and warranty services on OWC products purchased in Israel.

OWC RAM and SSD Memory upgrades

Other World Computing produces memory expansions which built exclusively for Mac computers.
To significantly increase your old Mac performance OWC is a one stop solution: depends on the model of the Mac RAM (main memory) or SSD (storage) can be offered, both expansions affect performance dramatically and highly recommended.

We install Memory and disk upgrades for iMacs and MacBook laptops

OWC docks

OWC Expansion Docs are built for professional users who need to use a lot of external devices like two monitors, external drive, and a camera.

But, with the last MacBook Pro update, expansion dock became a necessity for most of the users (Want to connect you old DSLR? An external monitor? SD card? A simple pen drive?). One OWC expansion dock can solve all your connectivity tasks and keep your bag free of the excessive amount of wires.

Thunderbolt 2 and 3, as well as USB Type-C docks, are available to purchase at our stores in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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