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Store Location


The Jerusalem store has closed and we are moving all of our activity to the Tel Aviv store/Lab.
But fear not! If you have an issue with your Mac, please call us (same phone number) and we will make the arrangements to pickup your Mac to our Tel Aviv store, and will have it shipped to you once it is ready! Sounds great, no?

Of course, you are welcome to our Tel Aviv store which is big, pretty and blooming! It has the AC on all the time and we will be happy to help you here!

We are located in Barzilai 4 in Tel Aviv. See you!

Our Jerusalem store is located at Josef Trumpeldor St. 1, right across from the Gerard Behar Cultural Center. It is accessible via public transportation via bus number 19, and any other bus line that travels along King George St. Click Here for Tel Aviv lab info

Parking is available all throughout Trumpeldor St. (White/Blue parking). Free parking is available right in front of the store, where three loading/unloading parking spots are available for your use (of up to 20 minutes). The Gerard Behar Cultural Center’s parking lot is no longer available, but will soon be replaced with underground parking. We know how annoying it can be to find parking in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, so we you can always just call us and we’ll come out to the street and take/return your computer (but please give us a heads up!).