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Jerusalem Computers Care

Jerusalem Computers Care

The guide to Jerusalem Computers extended Mac warranty

Our aim is to provide the best customer service for Mac in Israel. That’s why every Mac we sell is equipped with our extended warranty free, for one year. We think it’s better than Applecare, and we’re sure it’s much more personal!

Apple hardware is known for its durability and rarely require an actual service provided under the standard warranty terms, while the extended warranty service is something much more probable.

You can purchase up to three years of extra coverage (including the first year) with your Mac.*
Check out the benefits included in the extended warranty coverage:

1 to 1 Mac OS training

Our expert will help you to get around with the new software and will make the transition smooth, whatever you are a renegade PC user or a hardcore Mac with a new laptop!

Battery or charger replacement

if you feel that your battery is not keeping your Mac alive as long as it used to during the extended warranty timeframe we will replace it with 25% discount, if the charger’s wire have lost its integrity we will replace it with 50% discount for the first time.

Superfast service

Fast checkup is free every time: whatever happened to your Mac you should be confident that the appropriate measures will be taken ASAP with your laptop.

Lifetime discount

15% off all the services. Whichever paid service you will need, we will provide a lifetime discount for the Mac you purchased in Jerusalem Computers.

Free checkup and dust cleaning

We recommend performing the dust cleaning at least once per two years, but the necessity may vary due to the air conditions and the near pets presence

* – It’s not possible to extend the warranty further than on three years. The extended warranty policy should be purchased same day with the Mac.