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Apple Store in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

The Apple is starting to shine above Jerusalem!

Repairing Apple computers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem since 1999!

Yes, we do sell Apple products! Macbook Chargers (adapters), Monitor Adapters (mini-display port to HDMI and others) and more are available at our new storefront.


For several years now, a rumor has been going around that Apple is due to open its first Apple Store in Israel – not in Tel-Aviv, but in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. So far, to the best of our knowledge, this is simply a rumor, with no real basis. It’s true that Apple’s directors were touring the area a few years ago, but we think they were simply on a company tour, enjoying the sights and sounds of Jerusalem – and no more than that.

Since Apple products have always been marketed in Israel as luxury goods (i.e insanely priced, for rich people only.) the Apple “culture” has never been rooted properly in Israel. This means that very few people ever owned a Mac in Israel.. To this day, almost all computer labs in Israel will refuse to accept a Mac for repair, for their lack of knowledge on how to even begin opening one.

Jerusalem Computers specializes in Macs. In fact, people from all over the country come to Jerusalem just so they can have their computer examined and repaired by us. We are proud to say that even Apple itself directs people to us when contacted and asked for support.

We specialize in Hardware repairs – failed hard drives, logic board repairs and replacements, “Topcase” replacements, screen replacements and much more. We try and keep in stock as many parts as possible for a variety of models, and in most cases are able to repair your computer within a few days! Our internal repair tracking system is currently showing 1.6 days average repair time. Pretty fast eh?

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